Arnold's Summer Residence

The Arnold’s Summer Residence is the most cozy place in the island of Vormsi, if you need a calm and inspirational environment for yourself or for company meetings. Rooms with a sea view are located only 50 meters from a sandy beach and are the most pleasant and peaceful places for a self-loading and relaxing holiday. In addition, you can spend your time by barbecuing on a campfire, taking the sauna, listening to a relaxing sea voice or a bird song or doing sports at the hiking trail. Romanticists can admire the sunset on the beach or the nighttime starry sky. In the courtyard you will find a small and sandy place for sports. For kids there is a trampoline and old boats on the shore.

On the Island of Vormsi, you will find a cosy Arnold’s Summer Residence, where the rooms with the sea view are located only 50 m from the sandy beach. There is also a sauna and a bathtub with a beautiful sea view; or take a romantic camping holiday, rent a boat and enjoy the sea breeze.

We offer

The purpose of Arnold’s Summer Residence is to offer a comfortable housing and we hope you’ll enjoy your holidays with us.

Includes a sauna and a big hot tub outside the house. Both have an amazin sea view.

Free nature and the beautiful sea provide a good opportunity to get away from the working tensions.